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Career counseling and career guidance by geet talwar

Get comprehensive Online Career Counseling & Career Guidance from expert Career Counselor

It's time to dream big

and discover your calling

Explore and discover your most ideal career path out 3000+ career options in India

Choose Pro Career Counseling & boost your future career

We are the best Career Counseling services in India - Trusted by hundreds of students & parents !!!

Ms Geet Talwar - Lead Career Counselor

Ms Geet Talwar our lead counselor. She has 17+ years of experience in various capacities in the field of education and mentoring and counseling students and adults. She is a seasoned career counselor and is certified by Univariety, Singapore as a Super Counselor with Green Belt Certification. She also holds the International Career Counselor Certification by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA Extension). She has done her post-graduation in English literature and is a qualified teacher with a degree in Bachelor of Education. Geet is a Mind-priest and is also the career adviser at MapMyStudy. She is also a parenting coach and communication skills trainer. With her vast experience, she has guided and helped hundreds of students in meeting their academic and career goals.


​She believes in having a very strong positive attitude and is very enthusiastic. Due to her vast experience in research and analysis in the education industry, she possesses strategic thinking abilities, which are the key requirements for guiding candidates to the right career paths.

She strongly believes that good quality education plays a very important role in career planning. She also loves mentoring the youth in having a fulfilling successful career.


Ms Geet Talwar provides excellent quality career guidance services to young students, graduates and working professionals. She has helped and counseled many students and is an expert in this field.

geet_talwar-India's top career counselor - professional career counseling and career guidance services

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Career Counselor & Career Guidance
  • Personalized attention to every student

  • Exhaustive Database

  • Powerful Online Portal

  • Scientific Psychometric Tests to measure likes, dislikes & aptitude of child

  • 100% Online Services

  • All over India Services

  • Expert Career Counselors

  • Most reasonable prices

Why choose us ?

  • Personalized Attention to every student

  • Career Guidance from Experts

  • Completely Online Services

  • Qualified & Certified  Career Counselors

  • Scientifically designed Psychometric tests to measure likes & aptitude of child

  • Exhaustive database & powerful online portal


  • Personalized attention to every student

  • Exhaustive Database

  • Powerful Online Portal

  • Scientific Psychometric Tests to measure likes, dislikes & aptitude of child

  • 100% Online Services

  • All over India Services

  • Expert Career Counselors

  • Most reasonable prices

Why is Career Counseling important ?

‘‘Your choice of Career will influence a lifetime to come. It is important to make it right at the very first time because it involves your valuable Time, Money and Efforts’’

Career counseling services by Pro career counseling. India's best career counseling company

Choose the right career path with our Online Career Counseling Sessions

Career Counseling is a process that helps students to find the right career path. There are 3000+ career options in India itself. A good career counselor will simply make a student aware of several other career fields they can choose from.

Career Counseling by a professional counselor is unbiased and taken up by experts who are knowledgeable, qualified, and experienced to help students in reaching their maximum potential.

Pro Career Counseling has a team of expert panelists from all across India who together formulate the best strategy for every student who comes to us for guidance. We can introduce you to a plethora of career options to choose from. We at Pro Career Counseling can clarify your doubts on various career options and their scope and help you scuffle through the top colleges to make the right career choice.

This is the best investment you can make in yourself!



We will help you achieve your dream college, dream university and the most ideal career as per your aptitude, likes, dislikes and preferences

We cater and advice regarding top Indian colleges and universities

We also undertaken counseling and assistance to choose amongst the top universities in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore and Europe

career counseling services by pro career counseling. Best in India
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