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Curriculum Evaluator is the first-of-its-kind curriculum selection program.

It helps parents make decisions on choosing the right school curriculum for their children.

Step 1:

Watch and Learn

Get an in-depth understanding of CBSE, ICSE, IB, and IGCSE curriculum being taught in India in a series of video modules. Understand the nuances of each curriculum before proceeding.

Step 2: 

What Do YOU Want?

Answer a comprehensive questionnaire that captures YOUR aspirations, constraints, and requirements.

Step 3:

It’s Nice Getting To Know You!

Upon analysis of your complete profile - interests, motivations, pain points, and aspirations for your children - Curriculum Evaluator will recommend the top 2 best-fit curricula for your children.

Step 4: 

A Report To Remember!

The detailed report generated at the end contains all the information you provided, and our recommendations based on the analysis of your profile. We’ll also include the exact reasons why those recommendations were made for you.

Step 5:

Clear your doubts!

How much do you know about the different curricula in India? Watch this video to learn more.

curriculum evaluator CBSE vs ICSE vs IB vs State board
  • Personalized attention to every student

  • Exhaustive Database

  • Powerful Online Portal

  • Scientific Psychometric Tests to measure likes, dislikes & aptitude of child

  • 100% Online Services

  • All over India Services

  • Expert Career Counselors

  • Most reasonable prices

Program Inclusions

  • Compare CBSE vs ICSE vs Cambridge vs IB

  • Choose the right curriculum for your child

  • Two personalized recommendations of curricula 

  • Counseling session to facilitate decision-making

Benefits & Features
  • Helps parents choose the right curriculum for their children

  • Learn about unique features & insights about all curricula available in India
  • Parents will go through Video modules and Questionnaire
  • Program captures aspirations, constraints & requirements of parents to suggest the two most ideal curricula
  • Algorithms based on highly reliable research data designed scientifically by integrating qualitative inputs to analytical methods
  • Provides clarity to facilitate Decision-Making

INR 4000

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