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Best Online Career Counseling in Mumbai

Are you looking for career counseling in Mumbai ?

Get the Best Career Counseling in Mumbai from a team of Professionals with Pro Career Counseling, Mumbai

Best Online Career Couseling in Mumbai
Career Counseling in Mumbai

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Get comprehensive Online Career Counseling & Career Guidance from expert Career Counselor in Mumbai

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I want to know the most ideal career for me ?

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Career counseling is the guidance, advice and support provided by professional, certified and expert career counselors to young students as well as professionals. It is an critical element for figuring out the real potential and guiding students in the direction of a proper career path.


A career counselor helps students to manage their life's journey through school, college/ university with the aim of achiveing the most ideal career option for themselves. A career counseling session will help you deal with career exploration, making career choices, managing career changes, lifelong career development and dealing with other career-related issues.

A student's career development is a lifelong process and it starts right when one is born in this world. Numerous factors  influence your personality and aptitude development right through your childhood days. A professional career counselor is able to identify and judge your aptitude, interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances.


A good career counselor will help you to realise your likes and dislikes and will help you to understand yourself and the world of work. This will help you to make the best career, educational, and life decisions for yourself or your child.

In today's scenario in Mumbai, career counseling & a well formulated career plan is an extremely important need as most Mumbai college students generally end up choosing only within a few domains as their profession choice. It is important to learn and be aware about the 3000+ career options that are available in India itself. Hence the aim of career counseling is to help you take an informed and conscious career decision.


At Pro Career Counseling, Mumbai we will help you to : -

  • Help you identify the factors influencing your career development, and help you assess your interests, abilities, and values.

  • Be someone for you to talk to about your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and concerns about your career and educational choices, who will help you sort out, organize, and make sense of your thoughts and feelings.

  • Figure out who you are and what you want out of your education, your career, and your life.

  • Locate resources and sources of career information.

  • Find the most appropriate course/ college/ university for meeting your career goals.

  • Determine next steps and develop a plan to achieve your goals.


Students can often be confused or over-whelmed with the vast number of career options in today's world. Career Counseling can be appropriate for anyone, including 10 class/ 12th class school students, graduates looking for higher studies as well as for working professionals. The earlier you get started making intentional decisions about your future, the better prepared you will be! We recommend that all students should consult a professional Career Counselor. Here are some of the confusion and doubts in students minds while making career decisions: -

  • “I have no idea what I want to do with my life.”

  • “I’ve narrowed down to a couple career options, but I’m having a hard time choosing between them.”

  • “I don’t know what stream to select in class 11.”

  • "I have already selected my stream but now what are the options for me next."

  • “I know what career I want to pursue, but I’m not sure which is the best course for me."

  • “I want to know what kinds of jobs I can get with my qualifications.”

  • “I don’t feel like I know enough about all the different careers out there to know what I want to do.”

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Mumbai Career Counselor & Career Guidance
  • Personalized attention to every student

  • Exhaustive Database

  • Powerful Online Portal

  • Scientific Psychometric Tests to measure likes, dislikes & aptitude of child

  • 100% Online Services

  • All over India Services

  • Expert Career Counselors

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Why choose us ?

  • Personalized Attention to every student

  • Career Guidance from Experts

  • Completely Online Services

  • Qualified & Certified  Career Counselors

  • Scientifically designed Psychometric tests to measure likes & aptitude of child

  • Exhaustive database & powerful online portal


  • Personalized attention to every student

  • Exhaustive Database

  • Powerful Online Portal

  • Scientific Psychometric Tests to measure likes, dislikes & aptitude of child

  • 100% Online Services

  • All over India Services

  • Expert Career Counselors

  • Most reasonable prices

Why is Career Counseling important ?

‘‘Your choice of Career will influence a lifetime to come. It is important to make it right at the very first time because it involves your valuable Time, Money and Efforts’’


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