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VIRTUAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (Ideal for students of all ages & graduates)

What is the Virtual Internship Program?

The Virtual Internship Program (VIP) is a first-of-its-kind immersive career-based online internship program. A student can experience 18 different careers through expert videos and practical assignments in a simulated work environment right at home. Each of the courses can be completed in a day.

On completion of the program, the student receives an Internship Certificate and a Detailed Skills Report.

Program details & benefits

  • First of its kind career-based online internship experience from the comfort and safety of your home

  • Choose from within 18 options of Internship Programs to help decide the most ideal career option for yourself

  • Helps experience different careers through a 1-2 hour interactive program giving a holistic experience of the career

  • Get detailed report at the end of the Program

  • Receive an internship certificate & start building your college profile

  • Get practical experience of the chosen career before you actually adopt it

  • Get to learn directly from the industry experts regarding the career option

Single Internship                     INR 2000

Pack of any 3                           INR 4000

For bulk purchase                   Contact us

Virtual Internships available in the following fields

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