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Browse FAQs to learn more about Career Counseling and how it can be beneficial to you

  • I haven’t heard much about Career Counseling. What exactly is this?
    It’s likely that you would not yet be aware of the concept of Career Counseling and its benefits. Career Counseling is undertaken by a qualified and certified Counselor. Students as well as working professionals stand to benefit immensely from Career Counseling. A good Career Counselor helps students understand their likes, preferences, aptitude, skills and other personality traits and guide them choose the best career for themselves. Our job at Pro Career Counseling doesn’t stop just at that. We, thereafter, can also help you achieve your goal in terms of providing information about the best colleges/ universities and their application/ admission processes.
  • I am a Parent. How can you help me?
    Are you concerned about your child’s future? Is your child undecided on which streams to choose in class 11th? Are you confused about their career options? Do you find admission processes for Indian colleges and overseas universities overwhelming? If yes, then we as Professional Career Counselors can help ease your anxiety. We can advise you on the best colleges and universities, their cut-off dates, entrance procedures, application processes, etc. Give your child the extra edge with Career guidance.
  • When is the right time to take Career Counseling?
    Why wait at all!! The earlier the better. Important decisions as to which Board is better (CBSE, ISCE, IB, ISC, State Boards) need to be ideally planned Class 8th onwards. Career counseling before grades 10 and 12 is really critical. However, even professionals looking to change their field of work can avail the benefits of career counseling.
  • I am a working professional. Can Career Counseling help me?
    Yes. We understand many individuals could be facing stagnation or insignificant growth in career, or could be looking for a career change. Taking the help of assessment tests (designed specifically for this purpose), we could help you identify where your true passion lies and provide essential guidance in how you could achieve it. When numerous working professionals have availed immense benefit out of the career counseling program, why not you?
  • I have already decided about my Career. Why would I need Career Counseling?
    Well, it’s great that you have already made up your mind about your career. But you can’t deny that today’s world is extremely dynamic. Newer opportunities and career options are emerging every day, and conventional ones are slowly losing shine. So, why not invest a little now and to be doubly sure that you have made the right decision. Our Experts Interaction Program is designed to specifically help such students, who have decided their chosen career path and would like to gain some additional insights and important information.
  • Ok. I have decided to undergo Career Counseling. What is the procedure?
    Career Counseling is a scientifically designed process to help identify what would be your best career option. At ‘Pro Career Counseling’, we undertake this procedure in 3 stages. First, we conduct an Introductory & Preparatory Session (1 hour) in which the Counselor will understand the preferences and interests of the student. In the next step, the student undergoes an online psychometric assessment test which generates a detailed report. In the last session (1 hour), the counselor will discuss and analyse the report with the student. Thereafter, after detailed analysis, the counselor will provide the final recommendations. We, also, offer a plethora of other interactive, engaging and useful educational services, which you could opt for, with an additional fee.
  • What are the features of the online portal provided by Pro Career Counseling?
    Every student of Pro Career Counseling is provided with a self-help login portal which provides you the advantage of 26+ research tools at your fingertips. The online portal is backed by cutting edge technology which uses an intelligent algorithm and a thoroughly updated database to provide you customised information on 100+ Career options, 14000+ Universities/ Colleges/ Institutes, 150+ Entrance Tests details, Prep tips and Sample papers, 1000+ Scholarship information and much more. To know more details, please contact us.
  • Why should I choose 'Pro Career Counseling'?
    Well, we generally don’t like to pat our own back. But since you would like to know, we would request you to call/ email/ whatsapp us and we will email you an exhaustive list of our unique features.
  • Which package would be the best for me?
    We provide a host of services and if you contact us, we would be glad to discuss and walk you through the different options available. If required, we could also customize our services as per your requirement.
  • What is the ‘Experts Interaction Program’ being offered by Pro Career Counseling?
    Pro Career Counseling has a team of highly experienced and successful individuals associated with us. They are specialists in their respective fields and can share their first hand experiences and provide in-depth analysis, future prospects and other invaluable insights in their respective fields. Students will be free to have informal interactions and discussions, and our specialists will patiently clarify all queries in a dispassionate manner. For more details, please refer to the ‘Ed Tech Programs’ tab on our website.
  • It’s my dream to graduate from a prestigious foreign University. But I have no clue when and what to prepare?
    Congratulations, studying abroad could be the life changing decision for you and your family. However, bear in mind that as heavy finances are involved, stakes are high and one cannot afford to take a wrong decision. Luckily, we are experts in the field of foreign universities counseling. We can provide you in-depth information about the best universities in some of the best education destinations of the world. We will sit down with you and construct a strategy to give you the best chances for selection in your dream university.
  • I am based out of Delhi. Can I take Career Counseling?
    Yes, ofcourse. Although, counseling sessions can be undertaken face-to-face, online sessions are equally effective and far more convenient. What better than receiving your counseling sessions at the comfort and safety of your home. Do get in touch with us for more details.
  • Does 'Pro Career Counseling' conduct seminars/ workshops for Schools and Institutes?
    Yes. We would be glad to conduct Career Counseling Seminars/ Workshops and informative talks for your school/ institute. Do get in touch with us to discuss further modalities.
  • I need the direct contact number of the Head Counselor ?
  • Do you provide online or face-to-face career counseling session ?
    Online session are the most convenient and from the safety of your home. However if you prefer, we have our offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Bengaluru. You can also have a combination of face-to-face and online session during your counseling with us.
  • Can you help me with getting admissions in university/ college?
    Yes. We are admission counselors for a number of colleges and universities in India, Canada, Central America & South-East Asia. Hence we may be able to help you with better admission chances as well as scholarships. Contact us now.
  • What is the right career for me ?
    There is no easy answer to this question. Every individual will have a different 'RIGHT CAREER' for him/ her. Making the right career choice is extremely important. We use a variety of scientific techniques to help you decide the best career for yourself and then also how to achieve it. Trust us, we are the experts.
  • How many sessions/ interactions do I get in career counseling ?
    Usually, there will atleast 3 sessions over a period of few days, but if required, we will also schedule additional counseling sessions for you. Don't worry, as there is no limitation to the number of sessions or interactions. We will be with you till all your queries are resolved.
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