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Emergence of Career Counseling in Today's Competitive World

Updated: May 26, 2021

       Let’s rewind a bit, about 30 years back, people emphasized on getting educated to lead a good life. And getting educated meant getting a Degree. “Get a Degree” - does not matter what degree or what may be the outcome after that. Govt jobs were sought after as the private sector was still at a relatively nascent stage.

      Even as newer Career options started emerging slowly, till even about 20 years back, Engineering and Medicine were perceived to be the only streams that could help you get a well-paying job.

      However, things have changed drastically in the last decade. Numerous students even with professional degrees have found themselves unemployable in their area of expertise. Without choice, majority of them have moved on to other fields of work to ensure that they can earn their daily bread. This means that thousands and thousands of “educated degree holders”, soon after they complete their education, find themselves in a position wherein they realise that the entire education that they just received during their graduation course, is completely irrelevant to their present area of work.

     So, I would like to urge all students and their parents to take a step back and analyse their decisions before embarking on their career journey. How often do you find students who have spent 4 years of their life studying Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunications are actually employed in this sector?

     Or, how many students who have actually studied Maths and Physics in graduation are actually employed in this field. Not many isn’t it. Most of the students, right after their graduation, are very eager to join a profession which is completely different from their area of studies.

     I find two main reasons, why this has been happening in the recent past: -

(a) Students are disappointed in the career prospects available to them in their area of studies. So, they choose to realign their career path towards other greener pastures.

(b) Students realise that their true passion lies in some other areas of interest.

Well, its completely fine for students to align their careers as per their interests, aspirations and capabilities, but most often this realisation comes to them a little too late, and sometimes even after, they have started their graduation course.

     So, we land up in a situation where a large number of educated people choose to work in jobs that are unrelated to their education. Or they end up working in a job, they never aspired for or are not interested at all.

     If you look around and ask people if they are happy in the career they are in today or do their jobs match their dreams and aspirations, you may not hear a positive response from a majority of them. This has huge consequences in life in the long run, a few being anxiety, lack of interest, incompetence, work stress, slow career growth, job-hopping, work-life imbalance and above all an unhappy life.

     And therefore, students (and their parents) need to lay more emphasis when they start their journeys towards building on their career paths. It is prudent to look deep within ourselves, understand your interests, passion and capabilities before choosing a career path.

     Fortunately, in today’s world, Career Counselling comes to our rescue. A Career Counsellor measures your personality parameters with scientifically designed assessment tests. The test can help you realise your true passion and areas of interests. A counsellor can guide you regarding the future prospects of any given career. You can learn about the newer and emerging careers and can choose the most appropriate option for yourself.

The demand for career counselling has been increasing at a rapid pace. A simple indicator is that the average monthly searches for Career Counselling and Career guidance online has tripled in the last 3 years.

     We at "Pro Career Counseling" ( have rich experience and expertise in Career Counseling and Educational Consultancy Services and can provide you with comprehensive guidance.

It is important you choose your career options with due diligence.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

— Confucius

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Unknown member
Apr 09, 2020

Nice write up. Continue the good work.

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