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Plan your Career: Ayesha’s Real Life Case Study

Updated: May 26, 2021

Today, I bring to you a real-life and a true case study. This is Ayesha’s story. Ayesha was a bright student and scored well in her exams in the 9th and 10th grade. She was also highly creative and won accolades in many inter-school competitions on writing and art. Both her parents were Engineers, doing well in their corporate careers and were very proud of their daughter.

Soon, Ayesha was at the crossroads to choose her stream and she wondered if she wanted to study Science, Commerce or Arts. However, her parents seemed to have no such confusion in their minds. They were very sure that their daughter should take up Science, and then pursue Engineering and further end up in a multinational company leading a happy corporate life. Like an obedient child, Ayesha shut all her other thoughts and took up the Science stream.

During the course of her senior secondary studies, Ayesha did not quite enjoy her studies the way she did earlier. She lagged behind her friends. Her parents often compared her with the class topper Riya. The subjects that were a cakewalk for Riya seemed to complex and difficult to understand for Ayesha. Being the strong and determined girl she was, Ayesha did not give up and worked even harder. She burnt the midnight oil and gave up all her interests and extracurricular activities.

Finally, Ayesha managed to get average scores in her subjects and enrolled in an Engineering college as per her parent’s expectations. Ayesha entered college with a lot of pressure from friends and family on performing well. Well, she needed to get that well-paying corporate job following her parent’s footsteps. The moment of truth arrives, Ayesha tried her best to get accustomed to her new field of study. But her inner calling for something more satisfactory and acceptable to her self-consciousness rather than the study of engineering, could not be stopped.

However hard she tried, Ayesha could not understand her subjects well, eventually leading to low scores in her exams. Gradually, she started losing interest in studies, her personal and social life got impacted and she spiralled into an uncharted territory of depression, stress and anxiety.

Her parents encouraged her and inspired her, however, her scores were trending downwards. She was shocked to see that she failed in two subjects in her first semester. She still pursued her second semester only to realize that Engineering was not her cup of tea! Science was not her forte.

Ayesha’s parents, devastated with the situation, took her to a Career Counselor and discovered that her interests and aptitude was in the field of creativity and fashion design. Ayesha changed her career track and happily enrolled in the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai. Though she wasted a precious year in Engineering, she excelled in her course, was the topper of her batch and is now a Lead fashion designer at an Ecommerce firm today.

We all agree that parents are the best advisors and well-wishers for their children. However, we should also recognize that we may be limited in our exposure and constrained in our thinking and recognition of our children’s aspirations and aptitude.

In today’s world, students are spoiled for Career options, therefore Career Counselling has become a necessary intervention. A simple stream selector assessment in Ayesha’s 10th grade could have helped her parents and herself understand her interests and aptitude to steer in the right direction.

We, at ‘Pro Career Counseling’ very strongly believe that Careers impact a lifetime to come and thus are committed to providing our utmost attention to our future leaders. We use scientific techniques and work with every student on a one-on-one basis to understand them and guide them to the most suitable career path to them. As we often say, we connect Passion to Career!

Please do stay in touch with us for regular updates in the field of Education and Careers.

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PS: Names have changed in the case study as per the request of the individuals.

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